2 posts, one day = unproductive day at work

yeah back again, my brain is paralysed and can no longer process information related to folio hotels (although since they still pay me i better deparalyse/unparalyse (?whatever?) before i get my ass kicked).

cool quote from jas yesterday, "my favourite songs are the 'no no no song' (ie rehab by amy winehouse) and baa baa black sheep". meanwhile naomi has developed a strange fascination with my chemical romance. she was playing in the garden on friday and I found her peering thru the living room window staring at the tv which was showing the vid for black parade. it came on another channel the next day and she back in front of the tv again. i have been playing her loads of poppy songs since them to draw a sort of balance. i'd like my kids to be cool but 4 1/2 is a little young to be emo!!

the girls are back at their childminder after the easter break. we had to get out of the house on a deadline once again. au usual there was the odd setback, i.e. the improptu art session which n set up before breakfast; jas bumping her finger, the nightmare of 'what to make for lunch' and a fight over the thomas scooter but we all coped admirably and got to shelley's on time. unfortunately much gassing then took place so i didn't make it work on time but hey ho. they're truly happy with s which helps allieviate the working mother guilt thing but does nothing for the resentment i often feel at having to leave them while i work 4 days a week. off tomorrow though - yay.

during the mini art attack n made a collage of a bridge next to the hotel where i work. she told me that i must give this to merriol to put on her fridge. when merriol misses me (?) she simply looks at this picture and is reminded of me!! fabulous naomi, you are crazy but cool xxxxxxxxxxxxxx girls are truly the coolest - aren't we? x

groundhog day disintegrates - rescue me

you may have heard me grumble about work on occasion...well it just gets worse. so unbelievably demotivating and unpleasant. i find myself not thinking about going to work until the very last possible second because it depresses me so much.

basically i work for some small, 4 star hotels in the most beautiful and blessed of locations in the west highlands of scotland. they used to be privately owned and the team i worked with in sales and marketing made a pretty good job of what we did. the owners sold out to swallow hotels last year which we knew was going to be bad. the marketing function was disbanded and strangely enough sales went to hell. we rejoiced when swallow went into receivership and we bought over by 'seemingly' high standard hotel group Folio. Huge promises were made - one2one meetings with HR, prospect of higher wages, job satisfaction, hotel refurbs - the whole thing. 5 months later we are so far in the shit its not true. Weak management, no direction, no sales strategy, no marketing whatsoever, staff morale is non-existent and bizzarely enough guests are pretty thin on the ground too.

why u still here then stupid? well, the brains at the top are still paying me the same wage to do a menial and brain mumbing job, the hours suit and its close to my kids. the next 'right job' hasn't come along yet. got offered a job which would have been amazing but it was just a little too far away. soo wanted to buy the cafe but was too poor.

i feel a strange conflict of emotions...really why should i care, i'm so far gone that i'm totally demotivated. but then i see them totally dismantling everything our team worked for in the past. and they know best, oh yes they do. what would the likes of me know? (i stress that this is their point of view NOT mine, they piss me off but they don't dent my ego!)

well that's made feel loads better - bit heavy though, sorry to any poor soul who read this xxx


trifle tricky

i'm struggling to find my blogging 'style' maybe i need to practise more. i'm also struggling with content. if this is truly a journal should i not be more open, honest and all? i definately need to post more often - let's see what happens...

anyway the weekend is drawing to a close which always makes me sad. a mixed bag really - lovely weather, girls on top form, meeting friends AND getting more belated pressies (thank you merriol & amanda xo) but then some other 'stuff' which nags away. (80/20 in favour of good though). oh but one other good point - the huge 'horse pill' antibiotics are kicking in and I feel physically better than I have for months. recurrent strep infections are the worst!

my ipod is 4/5ths full of music - dusted down ancient cds and loaded them up. pressed shuffle and LA Woman came up first - good call.

better get organised for tomo - bye x



I got my new ipod today. it is the best. tonight i will be in download mode - I love birthdays xxxxxxxx

I knew this blog would fail...

Yep just proved how rubbish I would be at keeping a blog up to date...Consistency has never been my strong point so I'm not surprised.

So since I was here last what's been going on? Well, I didn't tell you but Merriol and I had been working on a idea for a business in the village. Our idea is fab, workable and would be the best but someone else has beaten us to the property in question - boo. Thank you Leigh Anne for the offer of a hit on the new buyer!! I'm kind of thinking that it just wasn't the right time to start this business. We are both pretty potless, our kids are still small and so maybe we are not quite ready to do this. Both agreed to keep the faith and we will do this some day.

Work is still abysmal - I will not continue on this line.

My family is currently at home in the sunshine, working on our new veggie garden to be. I am jealous beyond words. The girls are free of the many winter lurghies that have been doing the rounds are sooo amazing right now. They loved visiting the Safari park on Tuesday - it was a great day (well excepting the 2 hour car breakdown experience - hmmm). Wild animals, wild children and amusements - the perfect combination when you are a little girl (and a not so little one too).

I turned 36!!!! I'm always harping on about age just being a number blah blah but I tell you it gets more difficult with every goddam wrinkle that appears on my face. I got some very lovely pressies though - thank you everyone!

I lost 9lbs in weight. Unfortunately I've got loads more lbs to go - but I will do this. Hide the sweeties pls!
Merriol and I are doing the race for life in Glasgow on June 10th (http://www.raceforlifesponsorme.org/merriolanddebs). We are total slackers and have done nothing to prepare... We will do this though.
Right, need to go. Please, please visit http://gosh-wow-productions.blogspot.com to view some brill cartoons.
D x


I can sees spots before my eyes

Started to get Jas ready for bed last night only to find loads and loads of red spots on her tummy and back...the chickenpox has arrived - YAY! She was quite delighted and proud of herself (if a little pale and grumpy).

Hope my wee baby (well she's two but she'll always be my baby) doesn't feel too ill - better that she gets it now rather than when she's older.

On a more lighthearted and self indulgent note I was delighted to find that I was only 14% stupid this morning - yipee. I will most definately stop now as I will almost certainly never reach such dizzy heights on non-stupidity again.

StupidTester.com says I'm 14% Stupid! How stupid are you? Click Here!

Off to do a spot of work now (yes, shock horror etc etc). Still waiting for that momentous day when I have something interesting to blog about (sorry).


Falling in love again

da da da - poor attempt at singing.

I am happy - my PC has had surgery (a memory upgrade given under a light anesthetic earlier this evening) and has recovered its earlier super, speedy fastness.

Gone, for now at least, are the days of waiting 65 billion weeks (or more) for screens to open.

I'm in a mild surf frenzy, catching up on lots of stumbled upon sites sent by Glittermummy and Junk Monkey (bless). More from me later when I have calmed down - I am a happy camper!